What should I do in order to download videos from the Kyoto Stock Footage Library?

Please add the desired videos to your list using the “Add the stock footage” button, then click “Request Form,” and complete the required fields.
After you submit your request, we will review it, and if the purpose of use is appropriate, we will send you a URL to download the videos you selected.

What kinds of things can I use video data downloaded from the Kyoto Stock Footage Library for?

Video data in the Kyoto Stock Footage Library from Kyoto City, Kyoto City Tourism Association, and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau is intended for use free of charge, primarily by international media and meeting organizers, etc. We hope that these videos will be useful in the creation of material promoting meetings and other events in Kyoto.
We also ask that users obey our terms of use.

What kind of details do you check beforehand?

We verify the appropriateness of the intended usage. We will inform you of the result by email.